The Tech Level (TL) of societies in the campaign varies from 1-4. To simplify this, the campaign TL is set at 3. However, generally speaking Orruks have TL1, Gaians have TL2-3 and Humans have TL 3-4. B512 has some good guidelines on available technologies. More in depth details below.

TL 1 for the orruks encompasses everything detailed in Low Tech up to that TL, up to and including a working knowledge of bronze and copper, but not Iron. Orruks rarely spend the time to forge metal into anything bigger than a spear head or small knife. More commonly, they will raid and loot metal supplies from the more technologically advanced species in the area. This is mostly Iron from Gaians but occasionally Steel. Each item bought this way costs twice as much as it would otherwise after accounting for tech level differences (so x4, x8, and x16 cost for TL 2-4 respectively). These items are often coveted by Orruks and may well qualify for signature gear. The Special Training Perk is necessary to operate any piece of equipment whose minimum tech level is above TL1, (crossbows for example).

TL 2 for Gaians is standard iron age technology, and follows all rules as written. If in doubt, ask the GM. TL 2 is where alchemy first appears, although the range of available recipes is somewhat limited.

Most people who live in the Feyben are TL 3. This means more advanced alchemical formulas, access to steel, powder based siege weapons, and stirrups and platemail. There are also more advanced methods of selective animal breeding and crop management. Consequently, the Feyben yields more bountiful farmland and stronger oxen and horses compared to Gaian tech. Note that hand held firearms have been experimented with but not successfully so.

TL 4 is solely the realm of the Humans living in and around the Occelmuzz Province. Crucible steel allows for sets of steel plate that can deflect almost any blow, and castle designs are starting to develop countermeasures for cannon barrages, such as the star fort. Alchemy is advanced enough to aid in many medical and crafting practices, and several colleges of alchemy exist. General quality of life is much improved compared to lower tech levels.


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