Available Advantages and Skills

The following lists are meant to be mostly comprehensive but are by no means absolute. As always, ask the GM for anything specific.



If an advantage comes in levels, each level will be listed. A few advantages have been modified or have restrictions, and these will be noted as such. Some advantages, such as recovery and enhanced parry, are only available under certain conditions (being an orruk and the weapon master fighting style respectively in the above cases).

Any advantages that requires detail regarding the game world, including most social advantages and a few others, should be discussed with the GM upon character creation, to better integrate it into the world.
- Absolute Direction
- Absolute Timing
- Acute Senses (as part of progressive stat advancement).
- Animal Empathy
- Allies including groups. Orruks can get dire pets.
- Alternate Identity although specifics may need some thought
- Ambidexterity
- Animal Empathy
- Charisma 2 levels at creation max
- Claim to Hospitality
- Clerical Investments
- Combat Hardened
- Contact / Contact Group a good source of replacement characters
- Danger Sense
- Daredevil
- Eidetic Memory learnable in play with study
- Photographic Memory at creation only
- Sensitivity
- Empathy
- Extra Attack no enhancements or limitations though.
- Extra Life can be earned in play
- Favour
- Fearlessness up to 4 levels. See also, the perk “brave”
- Fit
- Very Fit
- Flexibility
- Hard to Kill 2 levels max.
- Hard to Subdue 2 levels max, including 1 for progressive stat advancement).
- High Manual Dexterity 2 levels at creation max.
- High Pain Threshold
- Legal Enforcement Power
- Legal Immunity
- Less Sleep 2 levels max
- Lifting ST 1 level as part of progressive stat advancement
- Lightning Calculator
- Luck first level only, usable once per 4 in game days for 10pts
- Night Vision race specific, see the relevant racial template
- Patrons
- Perfect Balance
- Peripheral Vision this represents better awareness of the surroundings. It cancels out with the no peripheral vision inflicted by a helmet.
- Plant Empathy knock yourself out. not sure how useful it will be
- Rapid Healing
- Very Rapid Healing
- Resistant as noted on B81. Immunity to one specific disease or poison etc is a perk, check with the GM for validity.
- Security Clearance
- Signature Gear but see Optional and House Rules
- Single Minded
- Social Regard
- Striking ST 1 level as part of progressive stat advancement
- Talents
- Temperature Tolerance up to 2 levels
- Tenure
- Unfazeable
- Unusual Background as necessary
- Versatile
- Voice


Perks are just very minor advantages. A character can have a number of perks up to 1 per 20pts that character is worth. As suggested by martial arts, combat related perks are limited to 1 per 20pts in combat skills, still not exceeding the perk maximum. Fighting Styles can give more perks, and such perks are exempt from the limit.

The source books, and power-ups 2 all have some great perk ideas, as do the SJG GURPS forums. A few more worth mentioning:
- Brave Normally, fright checks are capped at WILL 14. You are unusually brave, and so for you this cap is raised to WILL 15.
- Calloused Feet You’ve spent a lot of time barefoot. You get 1 DR (tough skin) to the bottom of your feet. Additionally, you have +1 to HT rolls to avoid injury due to sustained hiking.
- Cutting Edge Training You’re familiar with one specific skill of a TL 1 above your own. This lets you ignore the penalty for using higher TL equipment with that one specific skill, and lets you learn a skill whose lowest available TL is 1 above your own.
- Resolute You get +1 to will rolls to use extra effort, this perk can be taken up to 3 times
- Shield Wall Training a DB 3 shield does impose a -2 penalty to attack without this perk, further more, it allows sacrificial blocks. See MA 51 for more
- Shtick, specific finishing move useful for looking fancy and scoring points in Orruk Ball
- Trademark Move listed in Power-ups 2
- Unique Technique a 1pt unusual background allowing you to learn a self made combat technique. See MA 89 for more, and always check new techniques with the GM. Most unique techniques come along with a unique (character developed) style.
- Weapon License Weapons in the Tolman Lands may or may not be restricted. This perk lets you carry one normally restricted weapon without fear of being arrested or charged.


No real limitations as such here, just some suggestions. Some other pages may mention uses or changes for certain skills. For example, Medicine, Death, and Injury mentions that Esoteric Medicine functions exactly as physician for all intents and purposes.

Everyman skills and basic “adventure skills” can be crucial in lots of circumstances, and its always nice to have your bases covered. If I’ve missed any skills, feel free to recommend new additions to the suggestion list below:

Field Skills: Climbing, First Aid, Hiking, Riding, Scrounging, Search, maybe Swimming
Information Skills: Area Knowledge, Current Affairs, Observation
Social Skills: Carousing, Diplomacy, Fast Talk, Savoir Faire, Streetwise
Combat Skills: one of Judo, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling, one of Brawling, Boxing, or Karate, a melee and a ranged weapon skill
Other Skills that require Skill: Forced Entry, Throwing
Stealthy Skills: Gesture, Holdout, Shadowing, Stealth

Here will be listed techniques that have been learned in play, as well as any secret techniques discovered by the party. For much more on techniques, see GURPS, Martial Arts.

Feel free to suggest viable custom techniques for this page also.

Available Advantages and Skills

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