Character Creation

Exact point values and such may vary by campaign. In all cases, the same optional and house rules will be in effect. Refer to Available Advantages and Skills for exact rulings, or ask the DM. Anything listed in a race’s racial template has precedence over general ruling.

Replacement characters will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Ideally, the new character is someone who the party has already been introduced to. Failing that, work with the GM to determine how and why this new character is joining the party.

Orruk Ball
Starting Characters are 125pts, with up to -40 in disadvantages and another -5pts in quirks. Characters MUST take the orruk racial template. When creating your character, try to think about where they fit into orrukan society. Are they a hunter? A crafter? Maybe they haven’t yet found their true calling. They should have some skill(s) of use to the tribe. They should also take at least 30 points in Orruk Ball related skills. An Orrukan Fighting Style is recommended.

Your Tech Level is 1 and the most advanced materials you can work with are soft metals such as bronze and copper. Iron items can be taken, but only if they are signature gear. Starting Wealth is $500, all of which can be taken as coin for spending.

Progressive Stat Advancement:
It takes a relatively large number of points to buy up a basic attribute, and this translates to a long time before a character experience’s any growth on their character sheet. To smooth this sudden spike in character ability, we introduce Progressive Stat Advancement.

PSA breaks each basic attribute down into a number of smaller advantages which can build toward buying up the attribute as a whole. Instead of waiting to buy up the attribute, a character can buy these smaller, incremental advantages and them convert them into the attribute in question by paying the difference in points and removing said advantages, gaining a level of the attribute instead. The list of attribute components is as follows:

ST: 1 HP, Striking ST 1, Lifting ST 1
DX: 0.25 Basic Speed, High Manual Dexterity 1
IQ: Will, Per
HT: 0.25 Basic Speed, Hard to Subdue, 1 FP

WILL: Fearlessness 1
PER: Acute Senses 1 (up to 2 types)

Example: Ollyn has ST 11 and Striking ST 1; to buy ST 12, he could pay 5pts (10 for ST – 5 for Striking ST) and then remove Striking ST 1 from his sheet and increase ST to 12. If he only has 2 points available right now, he could buy 1 HP and then convert that and the Striking ST 1 into 1 ST later, this time only paying (10-5-2) = 3pts.

Character Creation

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