Fighting Styles

From the small and agile Gaian, to the strong and hardy Orruk to the well disciplined and well equipped Human, everyone fighting on Marra has their own repertoire of combat training and techniques. To simulate this, we will use fighting styles as explained in GURPS Martial Arts. For Orrukan fighting styles, see here. Feel free to create custom fighting styles, just make sure the GM approves before adding them here.

Buying Skills
Each skill listed below consists of a mandatory skill set, and optional techniques and perks. The skill set is the list of skills that, along with the particular style familiarity perk, are purchased to represent knowledge of a fighting style. To buy a style you must spend one point in each of these skills and also buy the relevant style familiarity perk.

What Does Style Familiarity Do?
Once you have a style familiarity perk, you may buy up any of the techniques for that style and can buy 1 style perk per 10pts in abilities in that style. This is typically the only way to buy these techniques, and increases the number of perks you may have. Additionally, if you know all the styles of an enemy combatant then you ignore -1 of the penalty of their deceptive attacks and feints against you. You also get a +1 reaction from co-stylists.

Style List
Four-Armed Bandit
Urban Diplomacy
Plate and Blade
Civilian’s Armed Defence
Dagger Fighting
Weapon Master
Police Academy Crowd Control (PACC)

Four-Armed Bandit:

Skills: _
Techniques: _
Perks: _

Urban Diplomacy:
A scrappy fighting style. The main goal is to be able to win a street fight quickly and effectively, before the cops show up. Urban Diplomacy normally causes nonlethal injury, but has no qualms about crippling and long lasting harm. Some people that teahc this style also emphasise use of impromptu weapons, to gain an edge. A point in axe/mace, garrote, or dagger would not be amiss in such cases, but is not part of the core style.
Skills: Brawling, Wrestling
Techniques: Aggressive Parry(brawling), Arm Lock(wrestling), Choke Hold(wrestling), Elbow Drop(brawling), Elbow Strike(brawling), Eye-Gouging(brawling or wrestling), Eye-Rake(brawling), Ground Fighting(wrestling), Hammer Fist(brawling), Headbutt(brawling), Kicking(brawling), Knee Drop(brawling), Knee Strike(brawling), Leg Grapple(wrestling), Scissors Hold, Stamp Kick(brawling), Two-Handed Punch, Uppercut(brawling), Wrench Arm
Perks: Improvised Weapons(any), Ground Guard, Neck Control(brawling)

Trained archers are taught not only how to shoot a bow but also how to maintain their weapons and compete in competitions. Emphasis is placed on a consistent rate of fire and on firing from a crouching position to present a smaller target. Advanced classes teach leading shots and precision fire to vulnerable locations. Most Archers supplement their training with an armed or unarmed melee style.
Skills: Armoury(missile weapons), Bow, Bow Sport, Fast Draw(arrow)
Techniques: Low Fighting(bow), Retain Weapon(Bow), Targeted Attack(bow / vitals), Targeted Attack(bow / face)
Perks: Extra Option(deceptive attack with bow), Strongbow, Technique Adaption(targeted attacks with bow)

Plate and Blade:
The classic style used by heavily armoured knights employing a two handed sword. Against unarmoured foes defensive stabs alternate with aggressive swings. Against armoured foes, fighters use defensive choke grips (MA 109-111) and attempt to compromise their foe’s defenses, following up with a stab to a vulnerable spot. A favoured tactic is to throw a heavily armoured opponent to the ground and put a knife – typically a rondel or misericorde – through his visor slit.
Skills: Brawling, Judo, Knife, Two-Handed Sword.
Techniques: Armed Grapple(two handed sword), Bind Weapon(two handed sword), Choke Hold(two handed sword), Close Combat(two handed sword), Counterattack(two handed sword), Disarming(judo or two handed sword), Ground Fighting(knife), Knee Strike, Retain Weapon(two handed sword), T.A(two handed sword thrust / vitals chinks or face or neck)
Perks: Armour Familiarity(judo), Grip Mastery(longsword), Skill Adaptation(bind weapon with two handed sword), Sure Footed(uneven)

An unarmed style developed by the Gaians. Their smaller size puts them at a disadvantage in grapples, so GaiFu focuses on avoiding grapples until a debilitating blow can be landed. Common targets are the face, groin, and feet. Where possible, it avoids pitting strength against strength and instead puts value on agility and evasion.
Skills: Acrobatics, Jumping, Karate, Wrestling
Techniques: Acrobatic Stand, Breakfall(acrobatics or wrestling), Ear Clap, Elbow Strike, Evade(Acrobatics), Exotic Hand Strike, Eye-Poke(karate), Eye-Rake(karate), Feint(acrobatics or karate), Kicking, Stamp Kick, Targeted Attack(exotic hand strike / face), Targeted Attack(karate kick / groin), Targeted Attack(stamp kick / foot), Trip
Perks: Acrobatic Feints, Ground Guard, Technique Adaptation(feint), Technique Mastery(acrobatic stand)

Civilian’s Armed Defence:

Skills: _
Techniques: _
Perks: _

Dagger Fighting:

Skills: _
Techniques: _
Perks: _

Weapon Master:
The ethos of a weapon master is to learn how to wield all melee weapons, the better to understand one’s opponent in a duel. Practitioners train in everything from blades to hafted weapons to staves and polearms. Such training is intensive, and a true weapon master will have spent years learning the style. Many initiates of this style supplement their training with an unarmed style and/or fencing weapon training.
Skills: Axe/Mace, Broadsword, Flail, Knife, Polearm, Shield(shield or buckler), Shortsword, Spear, Staff, Two-Handed Axe/Mace, Two-Handed Flail, Two-Handed Sword
Techniques: Arm Lock, Armed Grapple(polearm or spear or staff or two-handed sword), Disarming(any style skill), Feint(any style skill), Hook(axe/mace or polearm or two-handed axe/mace), Sweep(polearm or spear or staff or any two-handed weapon listed)
Perks: Form Mastery(spear), Grip Mastery(any style skill), Offhand Weapon Training(Axe/Mace or knife or shortsword), Style Adaptation(all that include armed skills), Unusual Training(dual weapon attack, only to same target, specify by weapon), Unusual Training(1 level of enhanced parry)

Police Academy Crowd Control (PACC):
Taught by the police, this style focuses on disabling opponents quickly, with nonlethal attacks. The baton is a Policeman’s primary tool, and he uses it to deliver blows to the arms, hands, and legs of an opponent. Failing that, a lock or hold is attempted to subdue the offending party. PACC teaches how to take down an enemy and handcuff him quickly. Advanced teaching covers use of riot shields, for mob suppression situations. Shield shoves are key, and do gain a bonus from the teamwork(PACC) perk.
Skills: Brawling, Shield, Shortsword, Wrestling
Techniques: Arm Lock(wrestling), Choke Hold(wrestling), Close Combat(shortsword), Disarming(shortsword or wrestling), Elbow Strike, Handcuffing, Knee Strike, Low Fighting(wrestling), Retain Weapon(shortsword), Targeted Attack(shortsword / leg or arm or hand), Trip, Uppercut
Perks: Shield Wall Training, Teamwork(PACC stylists), Technique Mastery(handcuffing)

Fighting Styles

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