Orruks are well muscled humanoids standing roughly 5’6"-7" tall. They have broad foreheads and jutting square jaws which boast two rows of sharp teeth. These teeth regrow rapidly upon loss, and replace themselves every five or so years. An orruk’s skin is creamy beige. It is leathery and tough – much tougher than a human’s skin. The skull of an Orruk is also thicker than a human, although this is mostly internal and consequently Orruks have smaller brains than humans. An Orruk’s eyes range in colour from pale yellow to deep red. They can see in the dark quite well.

Orruks have a well earned reputation for being tough. They can recover from unconsciousness fearsomely quickly, and seem not to feel pain. Even seemingly lethal wounds can be endured as an Orruk, and it is not uncommon for an Orruk – left for dead in a skirmish – to get back up within mere minutes and carry on as normal. Being naturally stronger than other humanoids, Orruks can hit hard too, and their innate resilience means they do not have to play cautious in combat. Many Orruks learn how to use their large adrenaline spikes to power a flurry of blows on their foes, often leading one into another.

Orruk Racial Template [ 25pts ]
ST 12 [ 20 ] DX 10 [ 0 ] IQ 9 [ -20 ] HT 11 [ 10 ]
HP 12 [ 0 ] WILL 10 [ 5 ] PER 10 [ 5 ] FP 11 [ 0 ]
Basic Speed 5.25 [ 0 ], Basic Move 5 [ 0 ]

Recovery [ 10 ], High Pain Threshold [ 10 ], Hard to Kill 2 [ 4 ], Dire Beast Affinity [ 1 ], DR 1(tough skin) [ 3 ], DR 1(tough skin, skull only) [ 1 ], Sharp Teeth [ 1 ], Night Vision 3 [ 3 ].

Low TL (tech level 1) [ -10 ], Illiterate [ -3 ], Stigma(monster) [ -15 ]

Notes on the above:
Dire Beast Affinity: Orruks have a natural rapport with the dire beasts that live on Marra. This perk lets them ignore the -5 to interact with any dire beast.
Low TL: From the point of view of civilisation, Orruks have a lower TL (TL for Gaians and Humans runs 2-4). While this disadvantage applies to all Orruk characters and could just be waived, it is included both as compensation for the handicap worse technology provides, and to line up the Orruk template with other races for different campaigns.

Racial Trait Maximums:
For any not listed below, refer to the relevant character creation page.

ST 21, DX 15, IQ 13, HT 16
HP (ST x 1.5), WILL 15, PER 16, FP (HT x 1.3)
Basic Speed (normal +1), Basic Move (normal +3)

Acute Senses: 3 levels
Night Vision: 6 levels total
Regeneration: Slow


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